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You can also see these figures with the data sorted by value.

This figure shows the current temperature at each station in our network. The horizontal line corresponds to the mean value across the network. The red bars show stations that are warmer than the network average while the blue bars show stations that are colder than the network average. The top of each red bar or bottom of each blue bar indicates the observed temperature at that station. Station numbers are shown below the red bars, above the blue bars and next to the station names in the table.

This figure shows the current windspeed at each station in our network.

This figure shows the current insolation (intensity of visible light) at each station in our network.

This figure shows the current UV Index at each station in our network.

This figure shows the current daily total rain at each station in our network.

This figure shows the current pressure at each station in our network.

NumberStation Name
1 U Ian Stewart Complex/Mt. Douglas High School
3 U Strawberry Vale Elementary School
4 U Oaklands Elementary School
5 U Cedar Hill Middle School
6 U Marigold Elementary School/Spectrum High School
7 U Campus View Elementary
8 D Victoria High School
9 U Frank Hobbs Elementary School
10 D Macaulay Elementary School
11 U James Bay Elementary School
12 U Victoria West Elementary School
13 U Shoreline Middle School
14 U Willows Elementary School
15 U Sir James Douglas Elementary School
16 U Tillicum Elementary School
17 U Eagle View Elementary School
18 U Torquay Elementary School
19 U Monterey Middle School
20 U Lake Hill Elementary School
21 U Rogers Elementary School
22 D Cloverdale Elementary School
24 U Hillcrest Elementary School
25 U Lansdowne Middle School
26 D Doncaster Elementary School
27 U Glanford Middle School
29 U George Jay Elementary School
30 U Northridge Elementary School
31 U Sangster Elementary School
32 U Colwood Elementary School
33 U Reynolds High School
34 U Crystal View Elementary School
35 U David Cameron Elementary School
36 U Hans Helgesen Elementary School
37 D John Muir Elementary School
39 U Lakewood Elementary School
40 U Ruth King Elementary School
41 U CTV Victoria
42 U Butchart Gardens
43 D Ten Mile Point
50 D Ocean Trails Resort
55 U Savory Elementary School
56 U Willway Elementary School
57 U Wishart Elementary School
58 U Dunsmuir Middle School
59 U Journey Middle School/Poirier Elementary School
60 U Esquimalt High School
61 U Cordova Bay Elementary School
62 U Deep Cove Elementary School
63 D Keating Elementary School
64 D Lochside Elementary School
66 U Prospect Lake Elementary School
67 D Sidney Elementary School
68 U Bayside Middle School
70 U Parkland Secondary School
71 U Cal Revelle Nature Sanctuary
72 U Race Rocks Ecological Reserve
73 U Craigflower Elementary School
74 U Quadra Elementary School
75 U Central Middle School
76 U Lambrick Park High School
77 U McKenzie Elementary School
79 U Arbutus Middle School
80 U Gordon Head Middle School
81 U Braefoot Elementary School
82 D Colquitz Middle School
84 D Qualicum Beach Elementary School
85 U Palsson Elementary School
86 U Randerson Ridge Elementary School
89 U Springwood Elementary School
90 U View Royal Elementary School
92 D False Bay School
93 U Shawnigan Lake Museum
94 U Pender Islands Elementary and Secondary School
95 U Arrowview Elementary School
96 U Bowser Elementary School
98 U Margaret Jenkins Elementary School
99 U East Highlands District Firehall
100 D District of Highlands Office
101 U West Highlands District Firehall
103 U Frances Kelsey Secondary School
104 U Happy Valley Elementary School
105 U Port Renfrew Elementary School
106 U Edward Milne Community School
107 U Millstream Elementary School
108 D Alberni Weather
109 D Brentwood Elementary School
110 D Nanoose Bay Elementary School
111 U Parksville Elementary School
112 U Saturna Elementary School
113 D Mayne Island School
114 U Galiano Community School
114 U Galiano Community School
115 U L'Ecole Victor Brodeur
117 U Saltspring Elementary and Middle Schools
119 U Fernwood Elementary School
120 U Fulford Elementary School
121 U Gulf Islands Secondary School
122 D Phoenix Elementary School
123 U Vancouver Island University
124 D Seaview Elementary School
125 U St. Patrick's Elementary School
126 U Quamichan Middle School
128 D John Stubbs Memorial School
129 D G.R. Paine Horticultural Training Centre
131 U Glenlyon Norfolk Junior School
132 U Shawnigan Lake
133 U Discovery Elementary School
134 D Swan Lake Nature House
136 U Pleasant Valley Elementary School
137 U McGirr Elementary School
138 U Bayview Elementary School
139 U L'Ecole Hammond Bay Elementary
140 D Uplands Park Elementary
141 D Mountain View Elementary
143 U UVic Science Building
144 U Arc School of Inquiry - Cridge Centre
159 D Camosun College Lansdowne
160 U Shawnigan Lake School
161 U Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre
162 U St. Michaels University School Senior Campus
163 U UVic David Turpin Building
165 D Alberni Elementary School
166 U Maquinna Elementary School
167 U Wickaninnish Community School
168 U Ucluelet High School
169 U Lighthouse Christian Academy
174 U Kelset Elementary School
176 U St. Michaels University School Junior Campus
177 D Ladysmith Secondary School
178 U Robert Service School, Dawson City, YT
179 D Ray Watkins Elementary
180 U Captain Meares Elementary Secondary School
181 U West-Mont Montessori School
182 U Pacific Biological Station, DFO-MPO
188 U North Saanich Middle School
189 U Airport Elementary School
190 U Courtenay Elementary School
191 U Cumberland Community School
192 U Denman Island Community School
193 D Hornby Island Community School
194 U Miracle Beach Elementary
195 U North Island Distance Education School
196 D Valley View Elementary School
197 D RASC Victoria Centre
199 U Trial Island Lightstation
200 U Longacre
204 U Ocean Grove Elementary
205 D Willow Point Elementary
206 U Penfield Elementary
207 U Timberline Secondary
208 U Ripple Rock Elementary School
209 D Ecole des Deux Mondes
210 U Phoenix Middle School
211 U Cortes Island School
212 U Sayward Elementary School
213 U Carihi Secondary
215 D St Joseph's Elementary School
216 D Queen Elizabeth Secondary School
217 U Royal Victoria Yacht Club
218 U PASS-Woodwinds Alternate School
226 U Ditidaht Community School
227 D Elk Lake Rowing Club
228 U S.M.U.S Community Rowing Centre
230 D Gorge Waterways Nature House
231 U Banfield Park
232 D Highlands Community Hall
234 U Galiano Montague Road
235 U Millard Learning Centre
236 U Galiano Ellis Road
237 U Galiano Island North West
238 U Galiano Georgeson Bay Road
243 D Galiano Catkin Farm
244 D Galiano Marben Farm
245 D Mount Galiano
246 D Galiano Mt Sutil
247 D Galiano Shaws Bog
248 D Galiano Sticks West
249 D Galiano Cable Bay
250 D Galiano Silveys Camp
251 D Galiano Stockade Hill
253 D Galiano Bluffs Park
254 D Galiano Tapovan
U = Up, D = Down
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